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Founded in 2001 by Fred Dinkler, and joined in 2004 by Christel Billhofer, PCG is located in South Central Texas, mid-way between Austin and San Antonio, and west of Houston. We specialize in project management for technical, complex projects for a number of industries - insurance, mortgage banking, health care management, transportation and warehousing.

We tailor the project elements (scope, schedule, budget, etc.) using the client's mission as a guide, using a proven methodology. We also integrate with corporate governance and reporting units to ensure the right people are informed on progress, issues and results.

We are fluent in a number of languages: tech, finance, mortgage, healthcare, intermodal transportation, warehousing (and we've worked on all continents except Australia and Antartica.)

Using our core team of specialists and partners, we get to the heart of the project quickly while keeping the customer's business vision as the ultimate goal.